Since the New Hampshire Liquor Commission was founded in 1934, more than $4 billion in net profits have been generated to support essential state services like education, health and social services, transportation, natural resource protection, addiction treatment and prevention programs.

where does the money go?

When you make a purchase at any of our New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlet locations, part of the revenue is reinvested into our great state of New Hampshire.

Did you know that dollarS spent at NH Liquor & Wine Outlet locations directly supports Granite Staters?

New Hampshire is one of only 17 states that control the sale of wine and spirits. While spirits are sold exclusively in our Outlets, wine and beer are also available in grocery and convenience stores. Scroll down to discover what that means for NH locals.


Varieties of wine and spirits are available at our Outlets.


Selection, variety, and great prices

This designation as a “control state” enables our New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlet locations to offer the widest selection of name-brand wines and spirits at great prices with no taxes. That’s why more than 12 million customers from throughout North America shop in our Outlets each year. In addition to being named the Nation’s Top Control State for two of the past four years, we were recently named one of the Top 10 Retailers in the country!

where does the money come from?

$765,600,000 Annual Sales

$206,000,000 Annual Gross Profit

$158,100,000 to the General Fund in 2020

  • CUMULATIVE NET PROFIT (in billions of $)

Over 85 Years of Cheers

Since its spirited beginning, the New Hampshire Liquor Commission (NHLC) has generated over $4 billion for the New Hampshire General Fund, which is used for funding education, health and social services, transportation and natural resource protection. Over the past five years, NHLC has worked with suppliers and brokers to raise more than $3 million for nonprofit organizations making an impact in New Hampshire and beyond.

Please note: Video was shot prior to Covid-19 protocols.

Where does the money go?

  • General Government

  • Administration of Justice and Public Protection

  • Resource Protection and Development

  • Transportation

  • Health and Social Services

  • Education

How Large is $4 Billion?

4 billion people

If Fenway Park was filled
to capacity every game, for 1,335 seasons

4 billion Miles

If a person drove from New Hampshire to California and back 723,000 times

4 billion Steps

If a person walked 10,000 steps a day for 1,096 years

4 billion Dollars

Enough money to pave 4,000 miles of road

When you purchase a product in one of our stores, you aren’t just getting the lowest prices on the brand names you know and trust. You are a part of the $4 billion that has been given back to the people of New Hampshire.

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